100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Veraolive is Healthy

Olives in the Aegean region are embellished with phenolic acid components and rich Vitamin E. Veraolive Olive Oil is produced from these rich olives and thus is very good for human health in addition to being delicious. Vitamin E is well known for its anti-cholesterol and antioxidant features.

Veraolive is Natural

Olives that are not kept waiting after harvest are richer in taste, which ensures the fruity and fresh aroma of the olive oil. Cold press system ensures that antioxidants and vitamins inherently present in olives are preserved. Thus the quality of taste is not compromised.

Veraolive is High Quality

Ayvalık - Edremit region is well-known not only in Turkey but also all around the globe for its olive trees suitable for best-quality olive oil. Our olive oils are produced by cold-pressing these olives. The produced olive oils are controlled through measurements and analysis of all olive oils.

100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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